Mt. Calvary seeks a new Pastor

How will God give us our new Pastor?

Rev Randy Johnson, (Ministry Facilitator) presented our Pastor Profile on December 7, 2022. Our pastor profile came from interviews members had with Rev Johnson. Interview information was also combined with the survey answers members submitted. Check the bulletin board in the narthex/hallway at Mt Calvary to see the whole report. We trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us to call our next pastor. Ideally, the new pastor will have personality characteristics and talents that resemble the Pastor Profile summary below.

Pastor Profile Summary

“He will be a leader who can build consensus among the congregation and lead them out into the community to build relationships. Mount Calvary is looking for a pastor who is creative and willing to work in the community. He will be able to reach across all ages to engage them in the life of the church. He will be open and able to do both traditional and contemporary worship. He will be a good teacher. He will also take time to visit the sick and shut-ins. He should be approachable and have a good sense of humor.”

Who is our Call Committee?

We now have a call committee of 9 respected members of Mt Calvary! From the district we can expect our first list of potential pastors in Mid-January, 2023. This team will review the lists of potential pastors and will include the pastors recommended by members. Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer, is our Circuit Visitor of the Michigan District. Rev. Schaeffer will be working with our call committee to prayerfully consider our potential pastors. We will post on the bulletin board the list of the Call Committee representatives so you can feel free to talk to any of the call committee members if you have questions or thoughts. As always, please continue to pray for our call committee to do the Lord’s work!

~ Dave Gantz, Lead Elder at MCLC