Call Process Update

Calling a new Pastor to MCLC 

On Sept 14th we had a visit from President Rev. David Maier, Rev Randy Johnson, (Ministry Facilitator) and our new Circuit Visitor, Rev. Glenn Shaefer.  President Maier said every member is part of calling the next Pastor to serve at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church.  Praying is the most important way to be involved. All of us can pray for our congregation. Pray for Pastor Jeff and his wife Holly as they transition to new roles.  All of us can pray for the next Pastor to know when God has chosen him for Mt Calvary.  And pray for the congregation of the Pastor who is called because they will go through the call process for their next Pastor.  (For other details of President Maier’s message click on the link to the notes from the meeting).

Congregational Surveys are in mailboxes

Please complete an anonymous, personal questionnaire to help leaders with the larger Congregational Inventory package. This will become the profile of our congregation. It will help our district office and the next Pastor see by the inventory the one chosen by the Holy Spirit to serve at Mt Calvary!  Please turn in completed surveys to Head Elder’s mailbox or the mailbox of the Council President.

Four Consecutive Sundays

In October we will hand out half sheets of paper as you enter to worship.  Check the boxes that describe you, and your family. This statistical information will also become part of the call process package.  Parents can fill out a sheet for each child attending with them that Sunday.

Interviews with Ministry facilitator

October 13 and 14th are reserved for member interviews with our Ministry Facilitator, Rev. Randy Johnson.  A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board by the drinking fountain if you would like to meet with Pastor Johnson to share your experience and ideas for MCLC.  Even young people are encouraged to be involved in the interview with Rev Johnson!

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