Mt. Calvary seeks a new Pastor

How will God give us our new Pastor?

Our first call attempts were declined but our heavenly Father has the devine plan. We have been blessed with the service of Pastor Rob Appold who has agreed to be our vacancy pastor during this time of transition. Meanwhile, Mt Calvary Lutheran Church of Greenville is taking nominations from our members for possible inclusion in the next list of candidates from our Michigan District. Pastor Glenn Schaeffer, (Circuit Visitor) continues to guide our call committee through the steps. Members of Mount Calvary ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit will send to us the one called to serve.

Pastor Profile Summary

This is our congregational call statement: “He will be a leader who can build consensus among the congregation and lead them out into the community to build relationships. Mount Calvary is looking for a pastor who is creative and willing to work in the community. He will be able to reach across all ages to engage them in the life of the church. He will be open and able to do both traditional and contemporary worship. He will be a good teacher. He will also take time to visit the sick and shut-ins. He should be approachable and have a good sense of humor.”

Our Call Committee

The call committee members of Mt Calvary will review candidates and prayerfully deliberate on those He sends. The time frame is also in God’s hands. Please pray for our congregation to growth in faith from this time of transition. Pray for the pastor we are calling and the congregation from where he comes as they enter their time of transition. And as always, pray for opportunities to share the gospel of Christ with all the world!

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