Generous Giving

G_GivingYou can make an online donation to Mount Calvary right now through InFaith Community Foundation, a national charity with a mission to serve donors, spread joy and change lives through charitable giving. Your donation to Mount Calvary can be made via Credit/Debit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through your Checking/Savings account. Online giving allows everyone a convenient, safe, and simple way to make donations to the ongoing ministry of the church without the need to write checks, carry cash or prepare envelopes.


Note: Thrivent will pay the processing fees for personal donations made through Thrivent Charitable Impact and Investing® up to $300,000 per calendar year.

Click here to donate now:

GivePlus+ is an electronic funds transfer service that enables anyone to make automatic contributions, tithes, tuition payments, and donations regularly. With GivePlus+, it becomes easier than ever before to honor financial commitments and further God’s work in our community and the world. The enrollment process is simple – using the form below.

How It Works:

To learn more about the “GivePlus+” service, contact the church office, or financial secretary. You may also contact VANCO SERVICES at 800-675-7430.

Why use GivePlus+?

GOD loves a cheerful giver!

Download (PDF, 382KB)

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