Please note that new office hours will begin this week.
New hours are: Wednesday 9a – 4p; Thursday 9a – 4p; Friday 9a – 3p.
Thank You. ~Wendi Philley

[News] Cross Cultural Family Night



Mount Calvary will host a Cross Cultural Family Night on Wednesday, September 20, beginning with a meal at 5:30 pm, and some fun learning activities until around 7:00 pm.  We are partnering with Maria Krawczyk, our liaison with Michigan Migrant Children Support, and look forward to enjoying food and activities that are traditional favorites for migrant worker families.  This “Cross Point” event is open to everyone in the community!  You’re welcome to bring a favorite Spanish/Mexican dish as part of a potluck!  We look forward to the opportunity to interact and learn more about cultural traditions of our migrant families, neighbors and friends!


For more information, contact Pastor Jeff Wilhelm.


Highlights from Our Women’s Retreat

Just few Pictures from The Mount Calvary Lutheran Women (MCLW) Retreat Last Saturday.   (Click or tap below to view)

 Mount Calvary’s Womens Retreat WMV Format


Mount Calvary’s Womens Retreat MP4 Format

                                                                                       Video’s are made: Courtesy of Western Michigan Photography


For a limited time, Mount Calvary is offering FREE access to an extensive, online Christian video library called RightNow Media! It’s like the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library
of faith – based videos. ANYONE affiliated with Mount Calvary can access whenever and wherever they want — on their phone, iPad, computer, or at home on an internet – linked TV RightNow Media has videos for  everyone — kids, teens, parents, single adults, married couples, working professionals — all aimed at helping us grow. The Library is customizable to meet our needs. RightNow Media is intended to be a gift from Mount Calvary to every person affiliated with our ministry, including Preschool & Childcare family and friends. In order to set up an account, please provide the church office with your name and email address (attendance card, email – mclc908″at”, telephone – 754-4886), and instructions will be emailed to you. We would like your constructive feedback by August 6! Questions? Contact Pastor Jeff Wilhelm pastor”at” 616-894-4349 (cell)

RightNow – The Mission of the Church Matters
RightNow Media – The Customizable Video Library for every person in your church
RightNow Media @ Work – Care for Your Team | Develop Leaders | Connect Your Faith and Work

Director of Children and Family Ministry

JOB POSTING (6/25/17)

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Greenville, MI

Director of Children and Family Ministry – Part Time (beginning at 20 hrs/week)

Compensation:  Commensurate with skills and experience

REPORTS TO:  Pastor (secondary supervisor: Childcare Director)

Seeking an energetic, conscientious, and entrepreneurial individual to lead and coordinate the Children and Family Ministry (focused primarily on Preschool through Fifth Grade), which includes Sunday School, Mid-Week Activities, Special Events, and being part of the Childcare team.  A detailed position description is attached,

Download (PDF, 253KB)


Qualified, interested candidates should submit an Employment Application along with a resume, to Mount Calvary Lutheran Church,, no later than Friday, August 4.

Download (PDF, 79KB)

16 Ways To Impact Your Community This Winter

Written by: CVDaily Editors


As we approach the winter season it brings to mind the extreme cold, snow, ice, and other wintry conditions we expect to see this time of year. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and consider these creative ways people at your church can serve their community this winter.

  1. Offer to take an elderly neighbor to the store to stock up on winter supplies/groceries, or have your neighbor make a list for you to pick up while you’re out.
  2. Shovel your neighbor’s walkway. Or, get your exercise in for the day and do the whole street!
  3. Place salt on someone’s front door steps or that neglected bit of sidewalk between houses.
  4. If others lose power, offer your house as a location for cell phone/laptop charging.
  5. Invite neighborhood kids/families to build snowmen if schools are cancelled.
  6. Create a free hot chocolate stand outside a busy shopping area.
  7. Offer to help someone scrape the ice off their car or scrape someone’s car when you do yours in the morning/after work.
  8. Send thank you notes to police, firefighters, road crews, etc.
  9. Order a PIZZA for your local police, fire station, or road crew!
  10. Carry extra winter supplies in your car to assist distressed motorists.
  11. Contact local emergency shelters to learn how you can support their efforts.
  12. Offer hand warmers to people standing at bus stops or to school crossing guards.
  13. If your kids have had school cancelled, help them write appreciation notes to their teacher.
  14. Offer to watch your friend/neighbor’s kids while they run out for groceries or during their work hours.
  15. If a friend/neighbor has mobility issues, offer to walk their dog—or better yet, keep your kids occupied and have them offer to walk the neighbor’s dog!
  16. Share or post the locations of heating stations in your area on your social media pages or church website.

Whatever you decide to do—please be sure to do it safely and with good judgment. After all, it can be slick out there!


[Used with permission from Send Me St. Louis.]

Today in the Church

CPH is excited to introduce our new devotional blog, Today in the Church Year. We hope this resource is helpful as you continue to grow in Christ and His Word. Each blog post features a short devotional passage on feasts, festivals, and Sundays.

Church Year! We hope that these posts will serve as a resource to your personal and family devotions as you grow in Christ and His Word.



National LCMS Youth Gathering

Click Read more to view this Posting..just to let everybody know this will merged into the MCYC page



Download (PDF, 121KB)

Millennials, the Church, and Technology – Panel Discussion

Millennials are a unique group that churches often struggle to reach. Knowing why millennials behave the way they do can greatly shape how the church engages them.

Join us for an online panel discussion on Thursday, June 30th at 10:00 a.m. CST. The panel will be answering questions about millennial characteristics, stereotypes, and how the church can reach out to them.

Follow this link to download the ebook Millennials & the Church:…

From: Concordia Technology Solutions

Mount Calvary’s News Blog


[The Scripture] teaches us to see, to feel, to grasp, and to comprehend faith, hope, and charity, far otherwise than mere human reason can; and when evil oppresses us, it teaches how these virtues throw light upon the darkness, and how, after this poor miserable existence of ours on earth, there is another and eternal life.—Martin Luther

Mount Calvary Youth



Attention! Attention! Come one! Come all! – to the MCLC Variety Show! Chris Nanzer and Wendi Philley are looking for any and all people/groups to participate in a Variety Show, Friday, March 9, 2018. Comedy, drama, music, magic, mime, or anything you can think of that would work as a short act to present . This event will be a fundraiser for the youth. If you aren’t enthused about getting up on stage, you can always help with backstage, prep, sound, or help prepare or serve snacks/drinks. “Talent” (a loose term) is not limited to MCLC members. In fact, Friends and Family are encouraged to join in the fun, too! Please add your name to the sign – up sheet located on the Youth Life bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. Contact either Chris or Wendi with any questions.

Sunday School Teachers

Preschool-3rd Mrs. Daenzer & Mrs. Kreft

4th-7th- Mr, Roodvoets

8th-12th- Mrs. Nanzer


Attendance Awards

There will be two semesters of Sunday School each with 17 sessions. ln order to earn an attendance award you will need to attend at least 11 out of the 17 sessions.

1st semester- 9/10- 1/14

2nd semester- 1/21- 5/20

Last year we were able to give gift cards for lTunes, Applebees, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and Craig’s Cruisers. Let me know if you have any ideas for awards.


Youth Events

9/10 11:00-12:00 First day of Sunday School

9/21 6:30-8:30 Bible Journaling at church

10/13-14- Craft Show & Luncheon

10/15- 500th Reformation Service at MSU

10/27- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

11/10- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

11/18- Pie Making Sale

11/26- Christmas Program Parts

11/30-6:00-8:30 PastorTige & Sara Culbertson “Personal lntegrity”

12/03-1 0- Christmas Pro gram Practice

12/17- 11:00 Jesus Birthday Party

12/17- 12:00 Cookie Exchange

12/24 & 12/31-No Sunday Scnoot E

12/29- 6:30-9:30 Movie Night

1/19- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

2/03- Superbowl Subs Sale

2/13- 4:00-8:00 Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner

2/21, 2128, 3107, 3114, 3/21- Lent Soup

2/12 or 16- Pando Tubing

3/09- MCLC Variefy Show

3/16- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

3/29- Maundy Thursday

3/30- Good Friday

4/01- Easter- Pancake Breakfast No Sunday School

4/13- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

5/01- 4:00-8:00 Pork Dinner

5/04- 6:00-10:00 MCLC Game Night

6/11-12- 4th Annual Hometown Mission

6/17-23- Summer Mission to Detroit Mount Calvary Lutheran

7/08-7/11- National Youth Workers





Highlight of this Year National Youth Gathering 2016

Download (PDF, 121KB)