will be having a Special Food Drive for the Ecumenical Food Mission that is housed at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Greenville. A brown paper bag and a listing of the needs of the Food Mission will be put into each member’s mailbox. The bags may be returned to the large food box in the Fellowship Hall from November 4 through November 25. Thank you for sharing food with those in need. Monetary donations are also welcome.


ADOPT A STUDENT: There have been somequestions about the Adopt A Student Program that the team has started. All you have to do when you take a name of a student from the basket is send them a card or note either on a special occasion like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and their birthday or anytime you would like them to know you are thinking about them and are praying for them. Some have wondered if they have to give presents;the idea of this program is that the student is remembered by a member of the MCLC with cards, notes.Ifyou know the student talk with them and get to know them, let them know you care. Any questions contact either a member of the Ministry Team Dee, Helen, Linda Mary and Annette.

IN DECEMBER THE CHRISTIAN GROWTH MINISTRY TEAM will be having a Giving Tree that will have items needed for Opportunities for Success (Greenville School District). More information will be coming in the weeks ahead