Spoke Folk

An energetic group of 25-28 young bicyclists, called Spoke Folk, will be touring through West Michigan, making a special stop at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Greenville, Wednesday evening, June 27.

The family-friendly fun begins with a Bicycle Safety Fair at 5:00 pm, designed to teach safe bicycle riding skills to children ages 3 to 13 and their parents.  Children are encouraged to bring their own bicycles and helmets as free bicycle inspections will be offered.  Attendees can also enter a drawing for a free helmet. 

At 6:00 pm, everyone is invited to enjoy a delicious Pork Dinner, followed by a special program of music and drama at 7:00 pm.  An Ice Cream Social will conclude the evening’s activities. For more information, call Mount Calvary at 616.754.4886, or go to spokefolk.org.

Study Philippians With Your Family This Summer

Phil Vischer, Founder of Jellyfish Labs and co-creator of the acclaimed VeggieTales, dives into the book of Philippians to answer the question, “Where does joy come from?” With the help of some animated friends, Phil unpacks what it means to live with joy both in times of happiness and in times of sadness. Check out the series here: https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Content/Series/293649

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Electronic Access to our latest Church Directory

Members of Mount Calvary now have electronic access to our latest church directory from any smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access.  Each household has a unique ID that can be emailed to them upon request. Let the church office know when you’d like your ID code to access the church directory online (via email or a note on your attendance card), and it will be emailed to you.  Step-by-step instructions are available on our website and at the Mount Calvary office.

Download (PDF, 272KB)

Take Heart, Take Action | Michigan District, LCMS

Take Heart, Take Action | Michigan District, LCMS

Download Conference Booklet Here

michiganLCMS Download Conference Booklet below   Everywhere we go, we go as a witness to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what does it mean to be a witness? How can my witness persuade someone to believe? How can I be a witness to people who really don’t seem to care about church or the faith? Take Heart, Take Action is a theological conference for laypeople and church workers, and the featured speakers will share practical advice and insight into our calling as witnesses of the Gospel.

Download (PDF, 1015KB)

Millennials, the Church, and Technology – Panel Discussion

Millennials are a unique group that churches often struggle to reach. Knowing why millennials behave the way they do can greatly shape how the church engages them.

Join us for an online panel discussion on Thursday, June 30th at 10:00 a.m. CST. The panel will be answering questions about millennial characteristics, stereotypes, and how the church can reach out to them.

Follow this link to download the ebook Millennials & the Church: http://www.concordiatechnology.org/do…

From: Concordia Technology Solutions

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The Scripture: teaches us to see, to feel, to grasp, and to comprehend faith, hope, and charity, far otherwise than mere human reason can; and when evil oppresses us, it teaches how these virtues throw light upon the darkness, and how, after this poor miserable existence of ours on earth, there is another and eternal life.—Martin Luther