BIBLE HOUR: Bible hour is in full swing! We look forward to seeing you at one of our various classes offered, beginning at 11am

PRIMARY GRADES (pre-K thru 4th): led by Linda Kreft & Carrie Daenzer. “All Together Now” uses interactive Sunday school lessons to bring the book of Exodus to life for mixed ages.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS (Grades 5-8): Led by Dan Chesebro, “God’s Action Plan” is a Bible survey that leads students to understand God’s unfolding plan of salvation as revealed in Holy Scripture.

HIGH SCHOOL CLASS (Grades 9-11): Led by Pastor Jeff, “Made to Make a Difference” – In these youth Bible study sessions, we’ll receive Biblical insight into how God has uniquely created students with certain passions, talents, and interests, to impact the world for Christ.

YOUNG ADULTS (Approx. age 18-30): led by Christine Nanzer, “Adulting” is a 6-part series in which Jonathan Pokluda will walk through how to discern God’s will for your life right now and specify how you can best glorify Him through your career, relationships, and commitments.

ADULTS: Led by Pastor Don Veitengruber, “Lectionary Plus” is a class in which attendees will review, study and discuss each week’s Scripture Readings in-depth. 

A NEW LIFELIGHT CLASS: bible study is scheduled to begin Wednesday Jan 2 from 9:30a –11:00a for a nine week session in-depth study of Ezekiel. The class is open to members of our church as well as friends and neighbors. Class members receive an Enrichment magazine and study sheets for home study and preparation, followed by class discussion. To sign up for this class, add your name to the sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board by the drinking fountain, or phone the church office at 754-4886. The deadline for enrollment is TODAY, to allow us time to order a study guide for you. Please contact Pastor Don Veitengruber with any questions you may have..
~Don Veitengruber don.veitengruber”at”sbcglobal”dot”net